I can only guess that Rugxulo UPXed the executables on his floppy using 
LZMA, because it gives a few percent smaller output. But if this is the 
case as I suspect, then it is indeed very wrong. LZMA takes ages to 
decompress on slower machines (when compressed with --lzma, FDNPKG was 
starting 30s on my 386 PC, instead of 1s without compression).

I'd say upxing with lzma should be forbidden, unless the application is 
clearly targetted to pentium+ machines.


On 16/09/2015 05:16, Michael Brutman wrote:
> Disclaimer: I understand that once I release something into the wild,
> there is not much I can do about it.
> I see two problems with the two included mTCP programs:
> 1. I took great care to write user documentation for my programs and the
> DHCP.TXT and FTP.TXT files should be included with the executables.  The
> README.TXT file is kind of important too - it gives the requirements,
> features, and where to go for help.  Distributing executables that were
> originally part of an ensemble without the general README.TXT or the
> program specific instructions is king of wrong.
> 2 - The file sizes for DHCP.EXE and FTP.EXE are different than the
> versions that I compiled and distributed.  I am guessing that you ran
> them through some sort of image compressor.  I can't tell though; did
> you include the batch files or a makefile that you used  to process the
> original executables?
> Your version of FTP.EXE takes 1 minute and 46 seconds to load and print
> out the title line.
> My standard version takes 2 seconds.  That's 53x faster.
> My UPX compressed version takes 5 seconds.  That's 21x faster.
> Your version is 55906 bytes and my UPX compressed version is 58395
> bytes.  So my original compressed executable is a little bigger, but
> yours is worthless on an 8088 class machine.  Given that I wrote mTCP
> explicitly to support 8088 class machines, I find this kind of
> reprehensible.
> I suspect DHCP has the same problem; it is taking longer to run in
> DOSBox.  I hope the other programs are not compressed in the same way.
> Please fix this - distribute the appropriate TXT files and fix whatever
> compression program you are using, or better yet, use the originally
> distributed UPXed binaries.  My name is still on the programs and I
> don't want other people to think that I am responsible for a nearly 2
> minute startup time.
> Mike

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