Hi Joe,

the difference is that you use some INSTALL disk with FreeDOS.
You want to use a BOOT disk instead :-) That gives you all the
software on the boot disk, without having to install first and
without having to abort the install...

You can try metados or brezel or similar floppy distros. If you
do not have a floppy drive, you can simply use a floppy to make
a bootable CD or DVD, at least with the free Linux k3b burning
software this is easy, so I assume with whatever CD burning tool
you have it should also be easy: Take a floppy image and tell a
CD burning tool to use that to make the CD bootable :-)

Bonus: After booting from the INSTALL CD, you can of course go
and abort the install process, for example by pressing CTRL-C
at the right moment or by pressing F5 during boot. However, it
is likely that the install CD has fewer software ready to use
(as you skip the actual install) compared to a simple boot CD.

In short, what you want is a boot floppy, floppy distro or live
CD, but you can also use a boot floppy or floppy distro to make
a boot CD and you can use the install CD as minimalist boot CD.

Cheers, Eric

contains metados and several other older distros.

contains the classic ruffidea distro (1-3 disks of 1.44 MB each
or my variant with the first 2 disks in a single 2.88 MB image,
which you can use for bootable CD or DVD on most computers...)
as well as "bare dos" which is what the name suggests.

PS: Are my old config.sys and autoexec.bat examples still useful?

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