Your problem is probably that the paralel port on your second computer is not labeled "LPT1"

You can several alternatives:
1) look in the BIOS if another LPT is available, that could happen even if you don't have a phisical connector.

2) That extension board probably has a configuration software, use it to configure that LPT to "1"
For NetMOS this utility is generaly


Em 18-09-2015 09:15, Marlon Ng escreveu:
Hi guys.

I have a desktop computer with a motherboard that has a built-in parallel port. When I boot into FreeDOS and run an old Clipper program, the program can print just fine, without editing any system files. It just works.

I have another desktop computer in which the parallel port is an expansion, not built-in with the motherboard. Upon printing using Clipper program, I get:
Error: Term/0
Quit / Retry
Something like that.  It cannot print.

I wonder if this is the answer:
If it is, please help. I don't quite get it.

Other info that may or may not be relevant:
-- I believe the installed freedos is 1.0 , not the latest.
-- When running the Clipper program in Windows 7 via command prompt, I can print. However, I had to go to Control panel, View devices and printers, right-click the printer (epson LX310) , Printer properties, Ports tab, Enable bidirectional support and enable printer pooling, checked LPT1, LPT2, and LPT3. That made it possible for me to print in Clipper program. Before doing all of that, I get an error like it cannot communicate with the printer.

Summary: Parallel port is only an expansion. Using Clipper in Windows 7 command prompt, it can print. Using Clipper in FreeDOS, I get Error: Term/0

Thank you so much!


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