On 9/19/2015 11:11 AM, Marlon Ng wrote:
> Hi guys! First of all, what am I missing here? I don't get any of your 
> responses in my email.  Should I not be receiving emails when someone 
> responds to my post?  My apologies if this would make it a new thread, 
> I don't know how else to follow up on your responses!
> Anyway, I will try some of your suggestions, but here's what I got 
> upon checking the BIOS:    (the expansion is a PCI)
> Advanced -> Integrated Peripherals
> I see these 3 things and their default entry or value:  (the ones in 
> parenthesis are alternatives)
> Parallel Port Address:    378    (278, 3BC)
> Parallel Port Mode:      Normal   (EPP, ECP, EPP+ECP)
> Parallel Port IRQ:        IRQ7    (IRQ5)
> In the Parallel Port Mode, if I select ECP or EPP+ECP , another thingy 
> comes out (besides the three things above)
> ECP Mode DMA Channel:   DMA3    (DMA1)
Now I am a bit confused. Those settings are for the "integrated 
peripherals" (and 378h is a "normal" port address), but you say that you 
are trying to use a parallel port on a PCI expansion card,
the settings for those I would not expect to find in the default BIOS of 
your PC (unless the above mentioned settings are in an addon BIOS, 
something I have never seen before).
The problem with some of those PCI cards is that they have a lot of 
times NOT one of those standard addresses.

And what I was asking for was what shows up in the BIOS data segment 
(which might be different from what you see in the BIOS setup), which is 
located at 0040h, with the parallel port base addresses starting at 
offset 0008h... (with "debug", you can "dump" that data (4x2 bytes for 
LPT1-LPT4) with "-d 0040:0008")


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