Hi! The fact that your PCI card also contains 2 serial ports
does not influence which of LPT1, LPT2 or LPT3 it provides.

However, you already have a printer port on your mainboard,
it seems from your BIOS settings. You could either connect
the printer there or disable THAT port in your BIOS setup,
to make the I/O range used by LPT1 free for your PCI card.

You can also use some TSR or tweak your 40:xx BIOS data to
swap LPT1 and LPT3 with each other, but I do not know if a
SIMPLE method for that exists. So disabling your onboard
mainboard printer port is probably the easier way to let
the PCI expansion card take the LPT1 slot without having
to mess with more or less weird PCI configuration tools.

Cheers, Eric

PS: CMOS used to be the place where BIOS stores config data
so I sort of use BIOS setup and CMOS setup as synonyms now.

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