Hi Marlon,

> Hi, I boot freedos (which is installed in a partition of the hard drive).
> I type debug, then I type d 40:8
> The first line looks like this:

... 0040:0000 [8 not displayed bytes] then ...

> -78 03 00 00 00 00 C0 9E

This means that you have only one printer port: 378.
The other two ports are 0 (not installed) and after
that, you get data which is not related to printers.

So in short, on the actual hardware, there is only
one printer port and it already is LPT1 anyway :-)

Please check again if that port is actually on your
mainboard, connected to some 2 x 13 pin header where
you can connect a "proper" printer port on a bracket.

If the port is the one on your PCI extension card, I
see no reason why Clipper should have problems to use
that. If it is not the PCI card one, then the card is
probably not active: It might "think" that you should
use the already existing port on your mainboard. You
may use PCI PnP config tools to change the "thinking".

Regards, Eric

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