On Sun, Oct 11, 2015 at 4:06 AM, Marlon Ng <guik...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey, so I tried RUFUS (which only runs in windows, right?).

Yes, only Windows host for creator .EXE, according to the FAQ. (No
direct mentions of WINE.)

> I used fd11src.iso


> Upon booting from the flash drive, I get the blue screen which has the
> options of Install to harddisk, ...
> If I choose Install to harddisk, I get this:
> Partition          Status     Mbytes             Description         Usage
>   C: 1                   A          7530          FAT32 ext Int13
> 100%
> SETUP wasn't able to locate any disks to install Freedos 1.1 from.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Partition   Status    Type           Volume label      mbytes    system
> usage
>    c: 1          A         PRI DOS                               7530
> fat32ext    100%
> No space to create a dos partition.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> It seems to detect only the flash drive in which I used RUFUS to install
> freedos to, correct?  So there's no way to install freedos to the partition
> of the hard drive, which is 400MB only.

"No way"? That's probably not quite true, but I'm not exactly sure
what's going on here. I'm horribly inept at low-level stuff, but at
the very least your BIOS must be configured with something like
"legacy" mode (non-SATA?). If the BIOS can't find the drive, then DOS
has no chance.

However, just because this particular "fdisk" doesn't see it doesn't
mean all others will similarly fail. FreeDOS technically has three
different ones: FD fdisk, xfdisk, spfdisk. I vaguely remember hearing
that spfdisk could handle SATA drives better in some cases. You may
wish to try that.

So forget about the "installer", you don't technically need that at
all. As long as the BIOS can see your physical drive, you can
partition, format, and "sys" it, and that's all you need (minimally).

Note that I've not tried "spfdisk" lately, and I'm honestly not 100%
sure what the latest version is, but a weak guess is that the latest
version is available here:


> Again, I've installed freedos in a partition of a harddrive successfully
> using a cd. I did it twice without any error.
> Thanks for your time.

I really don't know what's going wrong for you. It's hard to tell from
far away without seeing it firsthand. But I just assume it's a simple
error or misconfiguration. Keep trying!   :-)

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