Hi all,

I worked on this a few hours last weekend and I released FDNPKG v0.99.2 
right now.


  - [new] added the FDINST tool: a very light package installer for 8086+,
  - [mnt] adapted parts of the FDNPKG code for compatibility with FDINST,
  - [mnt] FDNPKG is compiled with DJGPP v2.05 (removed all hacks from 2.04).

The biggest improvement is that there is now a 16-bit companion tool 
that comes with FDNPKG. This new tool is called FDINST. It's a *very* 
stripped-down version of FDNPKG:
  - no networking
  - no repositories support
  - no internationalization
  - no LZMA support
  - real mode, 8086 compatible

FDINST borrows most of its code from FDNPKG, to make sure that both 
tools behave exactly the same way, hence it doesn't matter whether you 
install something via FDNPKG or FDINST, the result will be bit-to-bit 

Should be useful for people wishing to install packages on their 8086 
machines, given they find a way to teleport the binary package on the 
said machine before (via floppy, wget, serial link, or other). This 
could also be used by some future FreeDOS installer to install an entire 
system from floppy or CD.


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