On 09/11/2015 14:07, Don Flowers wrote:
 > Yeah, I should have mentioned that my PC has an onboard Intel
 > 82567LM-3 for which there seems to be no DOS option for connectivity

I am sure you already did extensive research, but just in case you 
missed it - have you tried this one?


the "GIGPKTDRVR.EXE" file sounds promising.

 > As for buying a retro machine, have you checked the prices lately? In
 > the past year alone a PII or PIII with one ISA slot has doubled in
 > price to an average of $300-400.

Surely you look in the wrong places Of course eBay is full of crooks 
that try to sell old stuff for fortunes, but it's still possible to 
build a legacy PC within an affordable price.


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