> I like having the option to use FDNPKG direct from ibiblio, and connecting
> to FreeDOS via Dillodos, but I also like sound for my mplayer and mpxplay
> and few vintage arcade games. Thoughts?

Add a PCI network card with an old chipset, same for sound.
For network, Realtek 8139 is classic, although tastes differ.

A few PCI sound cards come with various means of emulating
ISA sound blaster, but those often fail (IRQ, DMA, both...)
on modern mainboards. Some (e.g. SB Live / SB PCI) even come
with virtualizing drivers for DOS. Of course mplayer/mpxplay
support some half-new chipsets directly, so if you have no
need for game sound, I suggest a cheap PCI or PCIe soundcard
with a chipset directly supported by mplayer or mpxplay :-)

You can also try Covox (printer port) sound for games and try
running DOS stuff in Dosemu or Dosbox in Linux or Windows...

Cheers, Eric

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