> Eric, I have bought 3 PCIe sound cards advertised as DOS/SB compatible
> and none have worked. Perhaps we need a list of working PCIe cards?

Modern mainboards fail to provide some aspects of ISA-awareness to
make hardware emulation on PCI / PCIe cards work. However, you can
try software emulation (SB PCI / SB Live style). Needs some special
JEMM386 / JEMMEX option as far as I remember, read the JEMM docs :-)

If you have games which use SoundBlaster without IRQ or DMA, e.g.
by using only Adlib sound together with IRQ generated by the PC
timer instead of by the soundcard, hardware emulation might work
to some degree even on modern mainboards. Same for apps which do
use DSP but without DMA, such as old MOD players which might use
the PC timer for the timing and then only send the samples one by
one to a target (Covox, PC speaker, SoundBlaster) of your choice.

I know that this is not a very satisfying situation, but it can be
interesting to play with this to find out what works and what not.

For a general solution, your best chance is to run DOS in a VM or
DOS-optimized VM such as DOSEMU or DOSBOX which simulate ISA SB16
hardware while forwarding the actual sound to the drivers of your
host operating system (Linux or Windows), working with all cards.

Cheers, Eric

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