Hi Jim, Alain, Georg et al,

> I, for one, would be very interested to see a text-mode "small" Linux
> that boots up an instance of DOSEMU instead of login on the first
> available virtual terminal. (I'd put a regular Linux login on the
> second VT.)

For DOS purposes, I would prefer a graphical Linux. It does not
have to have huge and/or proprietary 3d accel drivers, a basic
VESA driver should be enough to have fun with DOS games and the
SB16 emulation and other goodies of DOSEMU.

Of course this could also be a "framebuffer console" Linux, but
when I have Linux anyway, I want to be able to also have multiple
windows. A simple Window Manager like XFCE or LXDE can do that :-)

For example Kwort Linux runs xfce4 well (?) on 64 MB, while
LXDE Lubuntu and XFCE Xubuntu recommend 256 or 512 MB RAM...
LXDE.org calls 256 MB Pentium II moderate and 512 MB P3 fast.

Other possible choices, inspired by the Wikipedia list of WM:

http://windowmaker.org/themes.php (requirement info anybody?)

http://www.fluxbox.org/screenshots/ (somewhat odd and basic?)

Maybe too basic: Openbox w/o LXDE or www.joewing.net/projects/jwm/

I personally find XFCE more versatile but also heavier than LXDE:


Have not tested OpenBox, IceWM, Fluxbox or FVWM-Crystal yet, you?
The old FVWM2 or FVWM95 might be enough, if you like config files.

Cheers, Eric

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