On 20-11-2015 17:10, Georg Potthast wrote:
> I made a very small Linux distro called Nanolinux which is only 14 MB in
> size:
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/nanolinux/
It looks very nice :)
Justa a question: does it have all Linux hardware drivers so that it can 
run anywhere, including old and new machines?

> I could add Virtualbox to that and then you would get a bootable ISO with
> about 50 to 70 MB in size that would run your DosemuLimpo
Well, those are two different projects, to install VirtualBox it would 
grow too much. In fact What I did is the oposite: It is already 
installed inside VirtualBox so that anyone can use it

> (Although I did not manage to download that with the Firefox browser,
> it does not recognize "ova" as a file extension. Maybe you put it into
> a ZIP archive)
but wait, it is still uploading

> Wonder if anybody would be interested to use this solution.
I believe that you are in the direction of a very nice solution: a Linux 
that can be installed anywhere and run Dosemu+FreeDOS+Network. Without 
graphics it is quite easy to do, but not so interesting

> Georg
>> Hi,
>> I have been using FreeDOS on a Linux VM for a few years now and I made a
>> special image to make it public:
>> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33399957/FreeDOS/Ubuntu140432-DosemuLimpo-1.ova
>> * VirtualBox Appliance, just: Files > Inport appliance... and you have a
>> full VM
>> * Based on Ubuntu LTS with LXDE, as light as possible to remain usefull
>> * Fast access to host files using VirtualBox share
>> * Dosemu and FreeDOS fully preconfigured, can run graphic programs
>> * Network fully functional, can talk to any device on your network
>> * 3 FreeDOS instance can access the network and talk to each other too
>> * There are a few Dosemu patches applied for graphics and keyboard
>> Some of it (most) is in portuguese. If there is some interest I can make
>> an international version or some needed resource
>> Alain Mouette - from Brazil ;-)

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