On Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 6:54 AM, Alain Mouette <ala...@pobox.com> wrote:
> On 20-11-2015 22:36, Rugxulo wrote:
>> Just to give some minor feedback for your valiant efforts ....
> Thanks :) :)

I'll say this much as well, it boots pretty fast.

>> It does whine at bootup about "home/alain" (shared) not existing, but
>> I didn't test that functionality yet.
> That is just the shared folder configuration, it is the best way to
> access your machine's files.
> I am not sure what would be the best default configuration

I also added "c:\rugxulo" as host folder, so lemme try and see if
reading from that works: yes!

>> Didn't test any graphical stuff (e.g. Doom) yet.
> when you can, please report :)

Doom works without sound, which (AFAIK) is a fairly common fault, even
under DOSEMU. I was using (updated) MBF, but shareware Doom won't even
run at all.

>> I had to switch from (default) "bridged" to "NAT" first, in VBox
>> settings.
> I use Bridged to share resources on my local network.
> We could change that in a general distribution

I don't know what would be best here. I'm no networking guru.

>> Well, I haven't tested much else (e.g. Links2) yet, but I did use the
>> host (Linux) wget to grab the old FreeDOS/DJGPP build of wget from
>> iBiblio. Once I created a simple wattcp.cfg (and "set WATTCP.CFG=..."
>> accordingly in autoexec.bat) and created a wgetrc, then it seems to
>> work fine, e.g. grabbing a .ZIP file from https://sites.google.com/....
> :) :) :)

Links2 also seems to work fairly well. Once you have those two pieces,
it's easy to grab other stuff.

>> The bigger problem, beyond even translated text, is the unfamiliarity
>> of the keyboard layout. For instance, finding chars like '\' and '/'
>> seems a bit difficult (at least to my uninformed self). A quick Google
>> image search shows that some .br keyboards have a key to the left of
>> the 'z' char, which I sadly do not, heh. Sure, numpad has '/' but it's
>> not available in all contexts.
> That should be configures in Autoexec.bat using standard FreeDOS keyb

You're right, I mistakenly assumed it was a global Ubuntu setting. But
indeed, commenting out "call boot\keyb.bat" in autoexec.bat totally
fixed this for me.

>> Other minor comments:
>> * NDN (2006) isn't even latest (2010) version:  http://ndn.muxe.com/
> I have been using this for years, as it is 'just-fine" I never bothered
> to upgrade.
> I will have a look at the new one.

I assume you're aware of other DN variants (with sources, unlike NDN):
original DN151 or spinoffs like DN2 and DNOSP. Also don't forget
Doszip!  ;-) But yeah, I like NDN too, obviously.

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