Is anyone getting this? When I launch vim or rhide, I'll get repeating
characters and eventually the text mode will change as if I'm holding
down shift — not caps-lock. For example "a" will become "A" but "\"
will also become "|". Basically, the shell becomes unusable and I have
to kill the vm.

This is not necessarily specific to freedos, and it's not vm-specific.
I've got freedos 1.1 running in qemu and 6.22 in virtualbox, and I
observe the same behavior. I do remember using both applications just
fine in dosbox, however.

Speaking of QEMU, and this isn't really related, but is there a "for
dummies" version of how to get internet working on qemu? Preferably
without mucking about with networking on the host. Are there drivers
for e1000, which qemu emulates by default?

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