Hi all,

With some luck, we could imagine having a v1.2 release somewhere next 
year. But this won't happen without more people chipping in. There are 
plenty of things that would need to be done, and that do NOT require any 
development skills. If you wish to give some of your time, look at the 
list below and pick whatever suits you.

=== Packages freshness ===
Check that all packages from the all_cd.iso contain the latest stable 
version of the software. a quick example: DJGPP is still in v2.04, while 
v2.05 is out since some time now, and provides significant improvements. 
Another example: FROTZ is packaged in an unstable version (crashes 
randomly), needs to be downgraded to latest stable.

=== Sources verification ===
Check that all packages - at least these in BASE, but preferably all 
other as well - come with sources, and that these sources are in the 
same version as the binary. I noticed for example that the COMMAND 
package doesn't. it is possible more such packages exist.

=== Install bootdisk build ===
Jerome is doing an outstanding job preparing a state-of-the-art, 
batch-powered installer. We have also a reasonably good database of 
packages within the all_cd.iso build. There is still one missing piece 
in the puzzle: a proper bootable floppy image that would be reliable on 
most hardware configurations, and that would allow Jerome's installer to 
run, and fetch packages from the CD.

=== More packages! ===
There is still plenty of room on the CD (around 250M), it would be cool 
to fill it with more packages. Of course the packaged software must 
comply with basic common sense criteria:
  - open-source, free software only ("3 freedoms")
  - of objectively reasonable quality (ie. works reliably, does the job 
it is supposed to, and is clear enough so DOS users can understand how 
to use it without having to reverse-engineer anything)
  - with some actual, real-world purpose - productivity software, system 
tools, _non-crappy_ games, etc... for gray areas, a community consensus 
must be reached

=== Translations synch ===
Check that packages comes with their most up to date translations. If 
outdated, either translate missing bits, or chase translators to push it 
forward. Ideally, it would be perfect if we had some kind of php 
interface where everyone could contribute translations.. But it's 
probably unrealistic to hope for anyone to create such interface for the 
project, best we have for now is http://freedoslocal.sourceforge.net, 
which is far from perfect, but at least it's there.

=== Testing ===
Once the installer and bootdisk are starting to play together, extensive 
testing will be required. In the meantime, tests of package 
installations would be nice (install package x, check that it works as 
expected and doesn't miss any obvious stuff, remove the package)

I can provide pointers for each of the above points to whoever would 
like to contribute a little of his/her time. Just ask on the list.


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