Hi DOS users,

Jack mentions that he improves the closed-source versions of
his drivers, XHDD and XDVD2, by adding smart read-ahead. The
smart aspect is that they keep track of how large the CD or
DVD in your drive is, to avoid doing read-ahead beyond the
end... As with most improvements, this means performance is
going to improve, depending on usage pattern! :-) The *old*
UIDE driver variants are unmaintained now, but open source.

The new feature is not available YET, but Jack already has
asked Johnson and Khusraw for comments while he implements
that - maybe some FreeDOS users have comments as well :-)

Planned read-ahead size is 64 kB (32 sectors) in XDVD2 but
only active if XHDD cache size is 60+ MB with 64 kB blocks
as both drivers work together with a single combined cache.

Regards, Eric

PS: The above is of course a simplification of those topics.

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