On 12/15/2015 10:46 PM, Mateusz Viste wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> Nice to see you're still around fixing stuff :)
> There is one little inconvenience I experienced with MODE, that I
> reported earlier this year while working on my Svarog86 distribution.
> It relates to MODE executing 'MODE MONO' without checking that it will
> actually work (leading to screen loss on CGA systems). Here's the
> original thread:
> http://freedos.10956.n7.nabble.com/FreeDOS-ODIN-and-8086-compatibility-td22460.html
On what kind of system are you testing this?

I just checked the source and there is a check to test for the presence 
of a monochrome card and even the presence of a two screen ([C,E,V]GA + 
monochrome) setup and it looks ok to me at a first glance, unless your 
system doesn't properly provide the 6845 CRT controller status, which is 
used for part of that test.

I can't test this right now on real iron, as all my systems are in 
storage at this time, but it works (almost) ok both in vDOS as well as 
in a VirtualBox setup of FreeDOS 1.1 (though here it switches to a 40 
column mode, but cursor and all is still visible/functional)...


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