There's also a question of the timing, since I think Jack wrote and released 
those programs and source code before the MS-DOS source code was released 
(unless Jack had gotten access to some MS source code earlier than that).  I 
also think Jack used to program for a living, though I'm not sure if it was 
DOS-related or not.

I've looked at some of Jack's earlier source code.  If he was "tainted" by 
something he did (either earlier or later), am I now "tainted" too?  Is it 
possible that anybody who ever has or will work on or look at 
commercial/proprietary software is forever "tainted" and can't work on free 
stuff any more?  Are you "tainted" when you buy a book that has some sample 
source code in it?  Am I "tainted" because I've looked at the IBM Technical 
References that contain the BIOS source code for early PC's?

I can certainly understand the paranoia from a totally volunteer organization 
like FreeOOS, but there needs to be some reasonable perspective applied to this 
at some point in time.

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