Hello all,

I wanted to share a FreeDOS distribution I released today, called Cobalt.
Cobalt is a free operating system heavily based on FreeDOS, that aims to
make using DOS much easier. This is mostly done by having over a dozen DOS
utilities and drivers pre-installed, making it a much more complete
operating system out of the box.

Some of the programs included are 4DOS, CuteMouse, DOSLFN, DOSIDLE, HIMEM,
and more. It also has it's own installer, and can optionally add the
FreeDOS Shell at installation.

I've been testing it in VirtualBox and it works pretty well, but I would be
interested in hearing feedback from others. You can get Cobalt as a
bootable CD image here <https://github.com/corbindavenport/cobalt/releases> and
more information is available here

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