Tom suggested to put a line 


in FDCONFIG.SYS, right before 


This solved the problem of the crash/freeze. (Thanks!) 

As you can see in the first picture, interlnk is now able to make a connection.
I tried it with an empty AUTOEXEC.BAT and FDCONFIG.SYS, but it also worked with
the old EMM386 and HIMEM (it’s still a FreeDOS 1.0 machine).

Unfortunately the characters are garbled though.

I tried it with and without any country/codepage settings, so I am pretty sure
that’s not the problem. File dates and times also don’t make a lot of sense, if
you take a look. :-> 

The program on the second picture is Necromancers DOS Navigator. But also
without GUI, when I change to D: (the remote drive) on the command line of the
client and do „dir“, it types a long list of weird filenames and characters.

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