With a lot of help by Tom (thanks!!), here is more information about INTERLINK 
and FreeDOS. 

Microsofts INTERLNK program doesn’t work with FreeDOS at the moment. There is a 
bug in the FreeDOS kernel that makes some programs crash the system, one of 
those is INTERLNK.EXE.

As long as this isn’t fixed, it is possible to patch INTERLNK.EXE to make it 
work with FreeDOS. Here is how:

Get INTERLINK from the Microsoft FTP server ftp.microsoft.com.

Login with a FTP client like FileZilla, username is „anonymous“, password is 
your email.

Change to the directory Softlib/MSLFILES.

Get the file OLDDOS.EXE. It includes the two programs for INTERLINK: 
INTERSVR.EXE which is used by the server and INTERLNK.EXE for the client.

Please check the license file. You have the right to use the software "in 
conjunction with licensed copies of  Microsoft Windows 95“. Please make sure 
you have such a license.

The server program INTERSVR.EXE runs fine in FreeDOS. To share the C: 
harddrive, just command:


On the client you need to run INTERLNK.EXE. It has to be loaded as device 
driver in FDCONFIG.SYS with a line like this:

At the moment, such a line in FDCONFIG.SYS will crash FreeDOS.

To get INTERLNK.EXE working, you could patch the file:

Open the file INTERLNK.EXE in a hex editor. Find the following pattern:

00 05 72 56 8b 1e 55 04

and replace it with:

00 05 eb 56 8b 1e 55 04

This replaces the „JB“ instruction in assembly language (conditioned jump) with 
an unconditioned „JMP“. The condition was about the DOS version detected. 

As you can see in the following pictures, such a patched version of 
INTERLNK.EXE boots just fine.

And it connects with INTERSRV.EXE on the remote computer.

Hope this helps someone someday.
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