A little while back, I talked on here about my new FreeDOS distribution,
Cobalt. Cobalt is designed to make using DOS easier, by including
commonly-used drivers and software.

I just released Cobalt 1.1 on GitHub (changelog and download here
<https://github.com/corbindavenport/cobalt/releases/tag/1.1>). It has a few
improvements that were suggested on this mailing list. Most notably, it now
includes most FreeDOS packages built-in so there's no lack of functionality.

The other new feature is in the installer. Cobalt's installer now
automatically detects if you have a DOS-compatible OS installed already,
and will allow you to 'upgrade' to Cobalt without deleting any files. I
have tested this with installations of MS-DOS 6 and 7.1, but it should work
in FreeDOS just fine.

If anyone has any suggestions for Cobalt, let me know. All the info about
Cobalt can be found here <https://github.com/corbindavenport/cobalt>.

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