The default FreeDOS 1.1 installation does not load KEYB for a US 
keyboard (nor do I have it loaded). CHCP reports Code Page 858, as 
expected.  And as I reported in my original post on this topic:

- Even in Edit, R-Alt acts like L-Alt with no document open.
- In SetEdit, R-Alt acts like L-Alt.
- In FreeDOS Help, R-Alt acts like L-Alt.
- In DOOM, R-Alt acts like L-Alt.

This led me to think that underlying mechanisms were all in good order 
and not responsible for the (undesirable) behavior in EDIT. So I do 
indeed now think of it as an EDIT problem, and I have adopted SETEDIT as 
a workaround or better alternative on most hardware.

@ Bret: Perhaps you have the skills to offer a fix for EDIT, or can 
convince the current developers to do so!

On 3/8/2016 1:46 PM, Bret Johnson wrote:
> It is known that the R-Alt (AltGr) works differently than L-Alt with some 
> keyboard layouts, but when it is a US keyboard layout (and some other layouts 
> as well) that is not the case.  This is a bug and it should be fixed.
> There are DOS functions that EDIT can call to tell what kind of keyboard 
> layout is currently implemented and what the current Code Page is (the two 
> things are correlated).  However, not all keyboard drivers implement those 
> functions properly, so EDIT can end up thinking you're using a US keyboard 
> layout when you really aren't.  I know MS-KEYB properly supports these 
> functions, but am not sure about FD-KEYB or the other "MS-KEYB clones".

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