Hello Eric,

> please explain what goes wrong with Dosbox, Freecom and V8:

Basically, the current DOSBox doesn't really support Stdin/out I/O redirection. 
It mostly seems to work once FreeCOM is loaded. However, testing if input is 
waiting on Stdin, it always replies yes when the data is piped into the 
program. Even when there is no input or the end of input has been reached. So, 
using the Stdin functions under DOSBox for piped data result in infinite 
garbage input. I don't think it happens when Stdin is not redirected and 
keyboard input is used. 

> By the way, why is SYS skipped in dosbox?

If using the default host shared filesystem, it is neither needed nor will work 
correctly. If you are booting an image instead, I think it would work, but it 
is a bit of a pain to use DOSBox this way. I think anyone who might be 
installing FreeDOS into DOSBox is just doing so for the extra functionality and 
not to be running true FreeDOS machine. I could be completely wrong on that. 
But, it seems reasonable to me.

Thanks, Jerome

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