Here is a utility for adjusting speed/voltage settings on K8 CPUs (eg.  
Athlon 64, Turion 64). It won't work on K10/Phenom-based CPUs which use a  
different scheme.

Running the program with no argument shows the contents of the status  
register, including the default and current settings (in hexadecimal). New  
values to set can be specified on the command line. The CPU itself will  
not let you set excessively high voltage or speeds (unless it is an  
unlocked Black Edition CPU). However you can set too low of a voltage,  
leading to a crash. Making a large change of both voltage and multiplier  
at the same time will likely lead to a crash as well. The voltage should  
be raised before raising the multiplier, and the multiplier should be  
lowered before also lowering the voltage.

A value of 0 for voltage translates to 1.550V. The voltage decreases in  
.025V steps from there. So 10h translates to 1.150V

A value of 0 for multiplier is 4x (800MHz). It increases in half steps  
 from there. So 10h translates to 12x (2400MHz)

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