Looks neat! Any chance for having it released with clear authorship, and 
some generic license? (say, 2-clause BSD for instance, to keep things small)

Does the tool check that it acts on a supported CPU before operating? 
Performing such low-level actions on unsupported CPUs could have very 
unexpected results.

Ideally, a little bit of documentation included in the archive would be 
awesome :) (even as short as a copy/paste of your previous message)


On 26/03/2016 02:06, TJ Edmister wrote:
> Here is a utility for adjusting speed/voltage settings on K8 CPUs (eg.
> Athlon 64, Turion 64). It won't work on K10/Phenom-based CPUs which use a
> different scheme.
> http://www.hyakushiki.net/misc/powernow.zip
> Running the program with no argument shows the contents of the status
> register, including the default and current settings (in hexadecimal). New
> values to set can be specified on the command line. The CPU itself will
> not let you set excessively high voltage or speeds (unless it is an
> unlocked Black Edition CPU). However you can set too low of a voltage,
> leading to a crash. Making a large change of both voltage and multiplier
> at the same time will likely lead to a crash as well. The voltage should
> be raised before raising the multiplier, and the multiplier should be
> lowered before also lowering the voltage.
> A value of 0 for voltage translates to 1.550V. The voltage decreases in
> .025V steps from there. So 10h translates to 1.150V
> A value of 0 for multiplier is 4x (800MHz). It increases in half steps
>   from there. So 10h translates to 12x (2400MHz)

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