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> Hello. I managed to create a bootable USB key running FreeDos using Rufus
> It works well and boots fine. I even managed to move files to the USB key.

Good to know that it works for you (too).

> I wanted to install some of the programs from
> http://www.freedos.org/software/.

Which ones in particular? Most are mirrored on iBiblio:


> In general I couldn't get this to work.

Why not? What was the problem (or error)? What exactly did you try that failed?

> Is there a way to get the "full install" on a bootable USB key? I don't have a
> bunch of experience.

"Full install" doesn't really mean much. Sure, you can get "BASE" and
"UTIL" and who knows what else ("EDIT", "NET"), but usually you don't
need all that stuff. If you just want a bunch of stuff to play around
with, then fine. I'm just saying, it's not really necessary to have
ten text editors (for instance).

Anyways, it's been a while since I've tried, but I'm pretty sure that
RUFUS can use an .iso file. In fact, it still lists FreeDOS on its
website under "Non exhaustive list of ISOs Rufus is known to work
with". So try using RUFUS again but specifying the fd11src.iso file.

Or you could use something like 7-Zip (GUI file manager or even
cmdline "7z") to manually extract files from the .iso itself. But most
of this stuff is already available separately on iBiblio in .ZIP form.

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