Hey guys!

>> Nevermind my answer. This may work directly from prompt but not from 
>> within my program. I guess I need to do it in command.com. So can you 
> >recommend any good documentation on how to compile freecom and maybe
which source?
> Is this program something you wrote or somebody else? Is it closed source?
Because this is really sounding like some extreme (i.e. not
> recommended) workarounds for a flawed design.
> You can recompile FreeCOM, but I wouldn't recommend it. I'd suggest you
fix your program (if at all possible). Of course, that may not be feasible.

Well there is really no way I can get the scource of this program. It was
written before my time without proper version management and I only have got
the newest scource and there is unfortunately no possibility to get the one
I need... That's why I was looking for some kind of workaround but of course
recompiling freecom was not the answer I was hoping for :). Anyway thanks
for the helpful resources, I'll take a look!

> I would seriously recommend against doing so. One typo, like an accidental
space after the directory slash(es) and you wipe out far more than you
intend, without any safeguard against it. It's pretty much like taking a
shotgun with buckshot to shoot yourself in the foot. "Ab is' ab..."

Thanks for your concern but it's only dispensable data and the automatic
call through the program should not cause errors but you'll never know.
Actually I found an additional protection in deltree which spoils unintended
deletion of data from root directory. However as "alias" is only working in
prompt it won't matter I guess (or maybe it will if I am going for the
freecom compile...)

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