Hello Don,

> Are you ready for a chuckle? My server drive is mapped to F:  - the same as 
> the CDROM drive assignment . LOL
> no worries - I will modify it on my end. 

Well, you’ll probably like this then. 

If you have correctly configured FDNPKG.CFG. And basically, have switched to a 
package based FreeDOS system. You could more or less stick in some REPO media 
and run fdimples /update, then select OK and it will remove and then install 
updated packages through FDINST. This would get a little tricky if you booted 
from the FDI media and want to install packages to C:. To do that, I would 
recommend setting the DOSDIR to the system DOS dir. The backing up the 
FDNPKG.CFG, like to FDNPKG.OLD. The running type FDNPKG.OLD | vstr /u /b /s C:\ 
D:\ >FDNPKG.CFG. That  basically has vstr convert input to uppercase, strip out 
blank lines and replace all “C:\” with “D:\” 

FDIMPLES does all kinds of stuff. It is really nice for browsing the packages 
on the FDI USB image.


Thanks, Jerome

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