Hi Dosgeek,

> Just a quick poll to see how many users are actually running
> a printer in FreeDOS.

> What kind of printer are you using?
> Dot Matrix
> Ink Jet
> Laser 
> Other

> I have an Epson NOS LQ-2070 Dot Matrix (Parallel interface) on the way and 
> am anxious about the setup and the end result. I have 4 PCs running FreeDOS
> 2 of those are FreeDOS only machines; 1 of which will be a dedicated server.

That is a lot of DOS? Why several computers?

According to the manual of your printer:


This 24 pin printer supports IBM and ESC/P2 commands and a number of DOS
codepages such as 437, 850, 860 and related. The first two should match
your most common BIOS and mode/display VGA fonts for USA and Europe :-)

I would suggest to use ESC/P2 configuration of your printer, because DOS
text related software may already know the escape codes for things such
as bold or italic printing. That makes it a bit easier for you to have a
bit of layout. Also, ESC/P2 is supported by our GRAPHICS TSR driver for
the graphical screenshot hotkey :-)

Finally, you will probably not need a print spooler TSR, but you should
make selections for buffer size and buffer waiting time in your printer
configuration (using buttons on the printer) according to your taste.

Cheers, Eric

PS: GRAPHICS also supports simple PostScript and HP PCL screenshots, but
you should avoid old dumb GDI laser and ink jet printers, as those would
require smart Windows or Linux drivers. I think most modern printers are
smart enough to understand PostScript, ESC/P2 or HP PCL anyway?

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