Thanks Eric - that should relieve my anxiety.

>That is a lot of DOS? Why several computers?

I just scored a NOS  WordPerfect Office 3.01 and am going to test it in a
network environment.

I have had this DOS disorder since the 80s and have always
wanted to network DOS. I worked at Holiday Inn in the (1985-1988) and we
had this awesome network and Hotel Management Software.

On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 9:10 AM, Eric Auer <> wrote:

> Hi Dosgeek,
> > Just a quick poll to see how many users are actually running
> > a printer in FreeDOS.
> > What kind of printer are you using?
> > Dot Matrix
> > Ink Jet
> > Laser
> > Other
> > I have an Epson NOS LQ-2070 Dot Matrix (Parallel interface) on the way
> and
> > am anxious about the setup and the end result. I have 4 PCs running
> FreeDOS
> > 2 of those are FreeDOS only machines; 1 of which will be a dedicated
> server.
> That is a lot of DOS? Why several computers?
> According to the manual of your printer:
> This 24 pin printer supports IBM and ESC/P2 commands and a number of DOS
> codepages such as 437, 850, 860 and related. The first two should match
> your most common BIOS and mode/display VGA fonts for USA and Europe :-)
> I would suggest to use ESC/P2 configuration of your printer, because DOS
> text related software may already know the escape codes for things such
> as bold or italic printing. That makes it a bit easier for you to have a
> bit of layout. Also, ESC/P2 is supported by our GRAPHICS TSR driver for
> the graphical screenshot hotkey :-)
> Finally, you will probably not need a print spooler TSR, but you should
> make selections for buffer size and buffer waiting time in your printer
> configuration (using buttons on the printer) according to your taste.
> Cheers, Eric
> PS: GRAPHICS also supports simple PostScript and HP PCL screenshots, but
> you should avoid old dumb GDI laser and ink jet printers, as those would
> require smart Windows or Linux drivers. I think most modern printers are
> smart enough to understand PostScript, ESC/P2 or HP PCL anyway?
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