> On Apr 10, 2016, at 12:59 PM, Don Flowers <donr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I just tried an install with FDI-SLiM.img from my GRUB2 boot menu and it was 
> super fast. I forgot to go to the advanced menu (maybe the final should have 
> the options following the language menu?); so my GRUB got wiped but SUPER 
> GRUB DISC fixed that pronto.
> Very cool to do it this way.

:-) FDI normal mode install is definitely quick and easy.  On reasonable 
hardware or a quick VM, it can be under a minute. 

Update on QEMU support.

Well, I had a few minutes today to add some CPU detection to V8. Unfortunately, 
qemu is detected as 486 not 386. So, I will have to figure out a way to 
directly detect it. 

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