Hi Dosgeek,

> I am working on a dedicated server. So far I have managed to successfully
> install WordPerfect Office LAN, my LAN PowerMenu and LAN version of Lotus
> 1-2-3 version 2.3. All programs are accessible to at least 2 client
> machines.

> SWSUBST F: C: is loaded during the autoexec & before STARTNET (for
> maintenance and installation of programs). I find myself occasionally
> accessing c: and causing a share lock, crash or something similar.

Note that SWSUBST has somewhat "strange" command line options, so
simply "SWSUBST F: C:" might do something else than what you want.

It is no exact clone of MS SUBST. Please read the manual carefully.

Also, if you have error messages about share, you may have to
load the SHARE driver TSR before using SWSUBST.

Cheers, Eric

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