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> Now I wonder if FDI will run in DOSBox running under FreeBSD, NetBSD or 
> Linux.  

FDI since Preview 13 or 14 (I think), runs fine under DOSBox on a Mac.

1) Assume you have setup a C: drive for DOSBox.
2) Either:
        a) Copy entire USB stick contents to a directory and mount that dir as 
drive D: in DOSBox
        b) Just mount the USB image and mount it’s root as drive D: in DOSBox.
3) Switch to drive D:
4) run “setup”
5) answer FDI prompts

A Couple Notes: 

        First, FDI does not do a complete FreeDOS install under DOSBox. It 
basically, installs 
all of the FreeDOS programs and creates a C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT for running the 
shell on top of the DOSBox kernel. I felt this was better this way. It allows 
you to still interact
with the DOSBox filesystem from the HOST without doing anything special. You 
would probably
also want  to modify your Z:\AUTOEXEC.BAT to run the C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT at 
startup. I did not
have FDI do this automatically. 

> Or maybe boot from GRUB2 or grub4dos.


>  I would install to USB stick, probably 4 GB; would likely use factory 
> partitioning, would have to check cluster size so as not to be > 4 KB, might 
> have to reformat from NetBSD or FreeBSD.  Possibly install to 
> hard-disk/USB-stick image and then dd or rsync to USB stick?
> It would be helpful if you could say how to boot FreeDOS using GRUB2, 
> grub4dos or Syslinux; then I might be able to run SYS to make a nonbootable 
> USB stick bootable.  Or would the boot be via Syslinux?


> But when I ran SYS on USB-stick installation of FreeDOS 1.1, the file system 
> was rendered nonreadable; I had to start over beginning with newfs_msdos from 
> FreeBSD.

What happens if you try it with the version of utilities in Preview 16?

Thanks, Jerome

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