Hi, here is some news from Bonnie: She cannot write to the list
at the moment, but she can read it. Please contact Bonnie Dalzell
using bdalzell at qis.net if you have questions. Additional info:

Bonnie does not have a floppy drive at the moment, so she can not
check or use the floppies. It would be cool if some place with a
FreeDOS club would be interested in the complete collection in a
single box for easier mailing. Or pick it up (Mid Atlantic region
in the United States of America) if you live nearby.

Regards, Eric

PS: In related news, I have a few vaguely DOS compatible PCI sound
cards in Germany, if somebody wants to hack around with those ;-)

Bonnie Dalzell wrote:

> I am downsizing on stuff and I do have a lot of original disks and 
> manuals of DOS software as well as old windows 3 level stuff.
> Do you know of anyone who would have a need for such ancient (but legal as
> it is original disks) material. It is available for the cost of shipping only.

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