Hello John and All,

> I note that DOSLFN installs by default in FreeDOS 1.1, so if it is not kept 
> then the FD 1.2 installer would have to accommodate.

At present, DOSLFN is not installed with BASE. However, It is installed under 
ALL. I was unable to determine it’s license. It may be BSD, GPL, LGPL or even 
Public Domain. It is up to Jim to determine if it will just “ship” as-is or 
needs to be pulled. If it gets Dropped, no accommodations are planned for 
Windows Long File Name support. Sorry, not up to me.

> That's a shame about the MPXPLAY unknown license.  It's my standard MP3 
> player.

Unfortunately, for the most part, I had to go through all of the packages 
myself and could only devote so much time to packages that had poorly 
documented license information. While hunting down licenses, some packages like 
TESTDISK will even receive an upgrade. Others exceeded their allowed time and 
not being part of BASE or ALL, were defaulted to “Dropped." However, I don’t 
think any of the “Dropped” packages ever “shipped” with a FreeDOS release. That 
being said, you could always install them later or add them to your own 
customized USB stick ( see https://github.com/shidel/FDI/wiki ).

If you wish, you (or anyone else) might even find some spare time track down 
missing sources and license information to any of the “Dropped” packages. The 
“Removed” packages have been pulled for other reasons and probably not be 
included this or future releases of FreeDOS. 

Thanks, Jerome
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