It does have 2 USB ports, though nothing is connected. The BIOS has no USB settings whatsoever, and there are no USB-related jumpers on the motherboard.

I can use a PS/2 keyboard and mouse, but only if the PNP network card is not installed.

In any case, the USB idea seems like a theory that cannot be tested since I find no way of disabling the USB.

On 5/13/2016 8:19 PM, Bret Johnson wrote:
If your motherboard has USB built into it, it could be related to that.  The 
way Legacy USB Support works for mice and keyboards is that it puts the CPU 
into temporarily System Management Mode (SMM) and virtualizes the PS2 I/O ports 
through the PCI bus.  Legacy USB Support is actually a very ugly kludge.

Older motherboards wouldn't let you mix PS2 and USB at the same time, so you 
usually have to disable Legacy USB Support if you want to use PS2 devices.  If 
your MB doesn't have USB support, this can't be the problem.  I'm also not sure 
why the network card has anything to do with it, but if the BIOS is screwed up 
for USB there's no telling what else is wrong with it.

Maybe a trail to investigate, anyway.
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