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On May 19, 2016 3:33 PM, "Don Flowers" <> wrote:
> >UMBPCI - Listed as free, No sources, Not Included.
>   Conditions and Download
> The original version came from the german magazine c't, but there were
several problems and no free updates. This version is based upon the
source-code published by c't in 1995 which supported only intel chipsets up
to the 430FX.
> It's Freeware.
> Download:
> Source code (TASM 3.x) is available on request.
> No one in the history of FreeDOS ever bothered to request this source

I have in the past, however it is for an older version and if memory serves
it is preferred to retrieve from origin to avoid using outdated version.  I
will eventually ask for an updated version, but we should respect authors
wishes and not make available without explicit permission as as it can
still be obtained from origin.  (I fully believe local mirrors of DOS
software are important as sites disappear all the time)

> On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 3:15 PM, Jerome E. Shidel Jr. <>
>> Hello Eric and all,
>> First, I went through the couple old 1.1 packages that were not on the
update repo. They were buried elsewhere on ibiblio.
>> So, at present these will be included on big USB but are not currently
installed under ALL or BASE.

This should not be included.  It is specific to defunct ripcord (beta)
releases.  It is public domain (from me).  It included version information
now fully replaced by LSMs in packages.

>> DOSUTIL, also updated  to latest version.
>> SYSLINUX, 4.x, there is a 6.x version available if someone wants to
build it, probably should add this to ALL.
>> FDSHIELD, updated to latest version.
>> CALLVER, probably should add this to base.

Yes this just a sample/documented config.sys file.  It is also public
domain I think (also originated from me - I can't recall if it includes any
copyrighted comments ie examples I borrowed and can't read it currently to


Thank you for all your work, I know how time consuming it can be.

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