I'm glad to announce that DOSMid has been released in an updated version 

DOSMid v0.9 [21 May 2016]
  - increased SYX delaying to 40ms (solves buffering troubles on MT-32 
  - fixes around how OPL percussion instruments are emulated,
  - support for custom sound banks (IBK on OPL, SBK on AWE),
  - a configuration file allows to set default settings (dosmid.cfg),
  - the 2s silence gap before songs is inserted only in playlist mode now,
  - sound hardware is initialized once, instead of being inited for 
every song,
  - fixed playlist parsing so DOSMid won't freeze on an empty m3u playlist,
  - load more textual information from the MIDI file (titles, markers, 
  - file's information is displayed on a dynamic scroll when over 5 lines,
  - reorganized the display so more MIDI textual data fits on the screen,
  - fixed OPL detection for cards intolerant to hw calls during init 
  - command-line arguments are case-insensitive,
  - renamed the /delay command-line option to /xmsdelay,
  - DOSMid refuses to play corrupted files, instead of ignoring MIDI errors.

homepage: http://dosmid.sourceforge.net


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