What about Enhanced DR-DOS by Udo Kuhnt?

And why not use a mixture of Kernel and Userland? I could imagine using 
either the DR-DOS kernel (which is only free for private use) or the 
FreeDOS kernel, and a userland made of both or even proprietary parts 
from DOS versions I own. Provided these old tools still work on the more 
modern kernels.

Original message from Eric Auer, 2016-06-19 10:44:
>> we're just lucky anything works. Games are not high priority
> I think they are. I mean people still love their retro games,
> while they hopefully use software for multi tasking OS with
> network, multiple cores, GUI and 47 TB of RAM at work now ;-)

I honestly think that DOSBox, ScummVM and maybe a VM like VirtualBox is 
the way to go here. FreeDOS, or any other DOS, is not /ready/ for it on 
modern hardware, and I doupt it ever will be. It's not viable to invest 
in compatibility anyway, given the great alternatives.

Cheers, userbeitrag

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