Hi Herr or Frau Beitrag!

> I wonder if it was possible to include the guest integration drivers for 
> Virtual PC, VirtualBox, QEMU (are there any?), Hyper-V in a provided VHD

Eduardo Casino has written VMSMOUNT in 2011 :-) It lets you
mount VMWare shared directories as a FreeDOS drive letter :-)

I guess it would also be possible to do something fancy for
mouse support. DOS does not have a built-in clipboard, so a
guest driver for that would have to do something else, such
as Linux style "mark to put into clipboard, use middle mouse
button to paste clipboard contents into keyboard buffer" but
I am not aware of such guest drivers for DOS yet. Same for
the possibility of guest graphics drivers, where DOS has to
rely on the BIOS and hardware VGA / VESA emulation instead.

Are there any Virtual PC, Virtual Box or QEMU specific guest
drivers for FreeDOS?

DOSEMU for example ships with magic XMS, EMS, CDROM and shared
drive and directory hooks, some of the features work without
even loading any drivers. You would want to include EMS.SYS,
CDROM.SYS, UNIX, EXITEMU, LREDIR and a few other binaries from
the DOSEMU utilities if you would boot FreeDOS from a virtual
disk image there BUT it is a lot easier to boot FreeDOS from
a shared DIRECTORY in DOSEMU instead. In that case, it might
be better to just symlink the utility directory to C:\DOSEMU\
as part of the "installation" process of FreeDOS to shared C.

> I don't think DOSBox requires a virtual hard disk image at all.

Yes and no. You can put your DOS games in a directory to let
DOSBox open them, but if you want to use FreeDOS kernel and
drivers, you probably have to use a disk image? The "normal"
style of DOSBox is that the whole DOS is a built-in illusion.

If you do not need fancy drivers and want to work mainly with
the DOSBox built-in stuff, a similar strategy as for DOSEMU
is probably easier: Ship FreeDOS as a directory ready to be
dropped in a shared directory C: "drive" for DOSBox?

Cheers, Eric

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