Original message from Eric Auer, 2016-06-20 19:47:
> Hi Herr or Frau Beitrag!
>> I wonder if it was possible to include the guest integration drivers for
>> Virtual PC, VirtualBox, QEMU (are there any?), Hyper-V in a provided VHD
> Eduardo Casino has written VMSMOUNT in 2011 :-) It lets you
> mount VMWare shared directories as a FreeDOS drive letter :-)

This would be very useful to include.

> I guess it would also be possible to do something fancy for
> mouse support. DOS does not have a built-in clipboard, so a
> guest driver for that would have to do something else, such
> as Linux style "mark to put into clipboard, use middle mouse
> button to paste clipboard contents into keyboard buffer" but
> I am not aware of such guest drivers for DOS yet. Same for
> the possibility of guest graphics drivers, where DOS has to
> rely on the BIOS and hardware VGA / VESA emulation instead.

I was not only thinking about VGA/VESA drivers, but mostly about the 
correct mouse setup and maybe some addition drivers like the correct 
(SCSI or ATAPI) CD-ROM drivers and sound drivers.

If I remember correctly, Virtual PC emulates a standard ATAPI CD-ROM 
drive. The sound emulation is a SoundBlaster 16. So it would be wise to 
include drivers for the Sound Blaster.

But again: what about the license of those DOS drivers?

> Are there any Virtual PC, Virtual Box or QEMU specific guest
> drivers for FreeDOS?

I just assume that the DOS drivers will also work on FreeDOS. (They were 
developed for IBM DOS/PC DOS and MS-DOS.)

>> I don't think DOSBox requires a virtual hard disk image at all.
> Yes and no. You can put your DOS games in a directory to let
> DOSBox open them, but if you want to use FreeDOS kernel and
> drivers, you probably have to use a disk image? The "normal"
> style of DOSBox is that the whole DOS is a built-in illusion.
> If you do not need fancy drivers and want to work mainly with
> the DOSBox built-in stuff, a similar strategy as for DOSEMU
> is probably easier: Ship FreeDOS as a directory ready to be
> dropped in a shared directory C: "drive" for DOSBox?

This is the first time I hear about running actual DOS (the kernel) or 
its tools inside DOSBox. Most of this stuff isn't required and why would 
someone try to start a DOS kernel if DOS is already running?


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