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> I don't think DOSBox requires a virtual hard disk image at all.

You can in fact load one, but it won't help with FreeDOS.  There's an
option in DOSBox to mount a CDROM as a drive.  But DOSBox still
provides the DOS kernel.  You could get the rest of FreeDOS on such a
mounted drive, but the kernel would not be loaded.

I use the vDOS fork of DOSBox here under Win10 to run DOS apps, and a
port of full DOSBox under Android to run DOS apps.  Works fine, save
that DOSBox provides no equivalent of CONFIG.SYS, and there is no way
lo load drivers that expect to be loaded there.  This means I can't
use HMA, because there is no way to load HIMEM.SYS or equivalent.
(I've looked at a program or two that try to load drivers from the
command line, but they don't work in DOSBox.)

I have some of the FreeDOS components on my Android tablet.  DOSBox
COMMAND.COM provides just enough functionality to let you load and run
games from the C:\> prompt, and lacks things like pipes, but FreeDOS
COMMAND runs fine, as does 4DOS, and repairs that lack.  (DOSBox does
implement EMS And XMS, and TSRs can be loaded high.)

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