Dear List,

I've attempted to install FreeDOS 1.1 using VirtualBox 5.0.22 on 3 
different machines with 3 different operating systems: (Macbook Pro 
(10.11.5), Windows 8.1 Home, and Windows 10 Pro). On each system, upon 
bootup and selecting option 1, I get the following message:

JemmEx v5.75 [05/21/11]
System memory found at c900-dfff, region might be in use
JemmEx loaded
Kernel: allocated 46 Diskbuffers = 24472 Bytes in HMA

after which nothing ever happens. It hangs permanently. I don't believe 
this is related to the UIDE driver as suggested in the installation Wiki 
pages because of where it freezes. Regardless, I installed the VBOX-FIX 
COM patch on the Windows 10 Pro setup and it didn't solve the problem.

Boot options 2,3,4 all work without issue.

Has anyone else run into this? Your help in understanding (& fixing!) 
this is greatly appreciated.


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