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> Am 01.07.2016 um 14:59 schrieb Abe Mishler <a...@mishlerlabs.com>:
> except linux can 
> mount raw images for native file sharing 

Today I found out: If I choose „VHD“ as type for the virtual harddisk in 
VirtualBox, I am able to mount the VirtualBox image in Windows too. 

See: https://www.lazybrowndog.net/freedos/files/vhd.png 

Now I just open „Computer Management“ in Windows, right-click on "Disk 
Management" and choose "Attach VHD“.
See this description here: 

(You can only attach local VHDs, not those on a network share.)

And for the record: For OS X there is a free program by Paragon, which does the 


So another thing VirtualBox can do as good as qemu.


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