Just a quick update about FreeDOS and VirtualBox: 

The problem with UIDE.SYS freezing the boot process has been fixed in 
VirtualBox. The problem was caused by some unexpected behaviour of VirtualBox. 
Jack R. Ellis did provide a workaround since 2012, but it's good to see that 
also Oracle took care of the problem.

Another problems is also solved by VirtualBox: FreeDOS 1.1 now sees imediately 
if you connect a different CD image or change the floppy image. The "dir" 
command always shows the correct contents.

The "ICH9" chipset in VirtualBox "System" - "Motherboard" still conflicts with 
networking. The packet driver seems to load now, but still can't be reached by 
networking programs AFAIK. So FreeDOS users should stay with the default 

I updated the relevant VirtualBox pages in the FreeDOS wiki.

I also added a page about the JEMMEX crash at boot, several users reported. 

The new installer for FreeDOS 1.2 seems to be able to detect VirtualBox. 
@Jerome: What do you think about putting the correct includes for JEMMX into 
the line of option 1 in FDCONFIG.SYS if VirtualBox is detected? Probably after 
some more testing?

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