Hi there
My apologies if this mail has already been posted. I am new to the list. 
I posted it yesterday but I do not see it. So  here it is again.
My OS is XP SP3. After running a Windows command line application from 
"P&E Microcomputer Systems" to program Freescale MCU's there is no 
keyboard input in the VDM. FreeDOS launches normally but there is no 
keyboard input. If in Full Screen mode, Ctrl Esc works. Returns to the 
desktop and opens the Start menu. Perhaps a clue is that Alt Esc returns 
to Desktop (Start menu is not opened). Under normal operation when 
keyboard input is present in the VDM, the Alt Esc key sequence does not 
work. FreeDOS must be closed by right clicking the app icon on the 
bottom bar of the desktop to force it to be closed.
The only way to fix the problem is to reboot. Does any one know if I can 
patch memory or run a program fix this? Perhaps the vectors are being 
hi-jacked or the keyboard driver being replaced? P&E will not address 
the problem. Any help or ideas appreciated.

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