Hi John,

> After running a Windows command line application from 
> "P&E Microcomputer Systems" to program Freescale MCU's there is no 
> keyboard input in the VDM. FreeDOS launches normally but there is no 
> keyboard input. If in Full Screen mode, Ctrl Esc works.

So the keyboard driver works in the Virtual DOS Machine (VDM) but it is still 
occupied by the P&E program.

> Perhaps the vectors are being 
> hi-jacked or the keyboard driver being replaced?

I am not an expert, but it seems you are right.

> P&E will not address 
> the problem. 

I just tried to research the problem and the first link on


leads to

So that does speak for itself.

Googling the problem brought two things:

This site says you could delete the keyboard controller from the device manager:


And this page suggests to use a ps/2 keyboard:


Both answers do not sound exactly right for the problem...

Maybe someone else here has an idea how to completely unload the previous 

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