Hi Ulrich
Apologies again, I see my previous response was to yourself and not the 
list.Thanks for all your suggestions.
To recap.
The OS is  XP.
The PC is a 10 year old HP notebook with a docking station.
I am using an external PS2 keyboard and mouse on a USB adaptor.
Running the P&E program kills keyboard input in the VDM. It also kills 
input from the notebook keyboard.
The P&E program runs under the Windows command prompt (cmd.exe)
P&E were made aware of the problem but will not be addressing it.

Some additional information.
My previous work around to this problem was to use a second PC on a 
network to run the P&E program.
This was a Windows 2K PC. The new version of P&E software does not run 
under W2K.
That's why it's now installed on my XP PC.
I have also tried running dosx.exe and ntvdm.exe found in 
\Windows\System32 directory.
Keyboard input is present in cmd.exe  and Windows apps after running the 
P&E program.

What I've learned so far.
Running the old P&E program on the W2K PC does not break the keyboard 
input in the VDM.
The old version also killed keyboard input on an XP PC.
I can't swap the PS2 keyboard and mouse as I'm using a USB adaptor. (2x 
PS2 to USB)
If I swap the PS2 plugs on the adaptor neither work. (Under Windows)
Deleting the keyboard drivers shown in the Device Manager does not 
change anything.
I don't think the TSR manager is relevant as the P&E program is run 
under cmd.exe

Any further thoughts are very welcome.


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